All Clear Asbestos can conduct an asbestos survey to help detect asbestos-containing elements in a structure. All buildings suspected of having asbestos materials must undergo an asbestos survey, according to UK laws. All buildings built before 1999 will likely contain asbestos, necessitating an asbestos survey.

The asbestos survey entails a visual evaluation of the building’s accessible parts as well as the collecting of things that may contain asbestos. A certified laboratory analyses the suspected asbestos samples to determine if asbestos is present in the material.

All Clear Asbestos adheres to stringent guidelines and uses the most up-to-date methods, techniques, and processes while removing asbestos.

To ensure the highest quality, all projects are managed by adequately skilled and prepared professionals. All equipment used/required is of driving innovation and has been tested to industry standards by accredited outside agencies.

All Clear Asbestos employees have completed UKASL training.